Plus the router is link local to your host

When I was small, corned beef hash came in a can and was made with perfect little squares of potatoes and corned beef. It’s a happy memory: that hash fried up in a pan and served with eggs for breakfast. Recently, I saw corned beef hash on a menu in London, and it was so good, I knew I was going to have to learn how to make it myself.

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moncler outlet store It perfectly legal for a host to have multiple IPv6 prefixes on a given adapter, so how do you choose which prefix the gateway address moncler sale outlet should reside in? Should it reside in a specific prefix or must it reside in all of them? How does a host know which router to pick for which prefix? IPv6 solves this problem tidily by separating the router address from the routed prefixes. Plus the router is link local to your host, so it makes perfect sense to address it as such. IPv4 often gets this wrong in my opinion.Not to mention that DHCP works quite differently in IPv6 in DHCPv6, there no routing fields like there are in DHCPv4. moncler outlet store

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