Daedalus or MKB could be situationally good

Country music fans might have to weigh the price (whatever it turns out to be) of a Bryan ticket against the cost of a pass to the Boots and Hearts festival, which returns for another year Aug. 9 12 at Burl’s Creek in Oro Medonte. The fest’s full lineup was announced this week and it’s (takes deep breath) Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson, Thomas Rhett, Billy Currington, Dallas Smith, Brett Young, Midland, LOCASH, James Barker Band, The Washboard Union, Lindsay Ell, Russell Dickerson, Blackjack Billy, Meghan Patrick, Walker Hayes, Madeline Merlo, Jason Blaine, Aaron Goodvin, River Town Saints, Kira Isabella, Bobby Wills, Maggie Rose, Runaway June, Chris Buck Band, Petric, Jimmie Allen, Sons of Daughters, Ryan Robinette, Devin Dawson, Natasha Zimbaro, Genevieve Fisher, Sacha, The Wheat Kings, Jade Eagleson, The Redhill Valleys, Cole Malone, Kelsi Mayne, and Emma Wright..

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